About Us

IdentLogic Systems offers Information Technology solutions in the areas of customer loyalty, address cleaning and validation, identity management, and, duplicate address/identity removal.

The company was founded in 2003 by individuals who had leadership roles in the relationship marketing space and have considerable experience in the overall management, conceptualisation, design, development and operations of marketing, advertising, E.R.P. loyalty and other business system solutions at system driven multinationals and other marketing & advertising organisations.

This was promoted by Sanjay Banerji Chairman and Managing Director, Vivek Basrur Director, Brian Almeida Director and Leena Basrur Director.  All promoters, directors and shareholders were Directors on the Board at Direm Marketing Services Pvt Ltd – now Direxions Marketing Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Our main service is detecting & removing duplicates within lists of names and postal addresses.

Our main product is the Universal IdentLogic Systems Customer Loyalty program (ILCL), a superlative and universal product and service offering combination.

We have done intensive work in adapting, enhancing, testing & performance tuning, as well as sales & support of global packages for both identity management (duplicate detection) and address correction & validation for Indian and international names & addresses. We are continually working to improve the quality of these products tailored to the local on-ground situation.

We have developed a cutting edge security framework for Information Access Management.