ILCL Customer Loyalty Program

“The most comprehensively conceptualised loyalty system envisaged”

ILCL is an immense CLP (Customer Loyalty Program) infrastructure where all possible functionality requirements have been designed & built into the system. Also, most common functionality is already operational enabling immediate implementation.

We believe that this extreme & unique comprehensiveness empowers the fast implementation of a CLP tailored to your unique needs.

This foresighted, well architectured & well designed product will make everything easy for you & your organisation.


  • Tremendous flexibility in defining CLP configuration, particularly in point earning policies, campaign set up, redemption rules, and, tier up gradation & down-grading strategy
  • Flexibility of solution – suits any media, any channel
  • Fast CLP configuration & roll out after comprehensive structure definition
  • MIS-friendly – generates user-friendly reports of all kinds and facilitates easy and relevant marketing analysis
  • Customisation – can be fine-tuned to suit the particular needs of clients; extent of customisation possible is far more than comparative loyalty solutions
  • Operational ease – easy to learn and operate – even if hosted at the client’s end
  • Scalability – can be instantly scaled up to meet the demands of rapid growth
  • Customer support – intensive training and customer service provided
  • Assured success – based on the long time for clients for whom ILCL is already operational
  • Speed of set up & operation
  • Effective campaign management with timely reminders, tracking & measurability

Solution components:

  • Enrolments: Attract suitable members
  • Earnings or Point computation: Translate spending or transaction or other activity, including those related to a campaign, to points
  • Statements: Communicate status to members with other marketing messages
  • Campaigns: Encourage members to become more loyal & valuable and encourage them to derive more benefits through promotions
  • Burnings or Award Redemption: Help members enjoy the benefits of the CLP by redeeming the points they have earned
  • Program management
    • Point composition: Up to three types of points for sophisticated program management
    • Parameterisation: For rich functionality
  • Member management: Handle a vast variety of information
  • Tiers: Reward members in proportion to their worth
  • Member interface: Each members own CLP website
  • Customer service: Help members benefit the most from your CLP
    • Communications & messaging: Be in touch with members in all possible ways
    • Relationship Email & Text messaging: Leverage modern communication methods
  • Awards: Build an attractive set of rewards for your members
    • Fulfilment: Expedite member receipt of your valued awards
  • Hierarchies: Structure information any way you want – in as many ways you may want
    • Linkage: Sophisticated management of member entities with differing roles and participation
    • Clustering: Group members any way you want – in as many ways you may want
  • Partnering: Link related CLP’s to interact to form a mega CLP
  • Reports: Track & measure CLP performance
    • MIS & Dashboard: Concise reports & graphical summaries of the CLP
  • Internationalisation: Multiple languages & locales, multiple currencies, and, multiple time zones – including daylight saving time processing
  • Vendor interface: Easy interaction for award providers to ensure quick & smooth delivery
  • Security: Flexible control of user rights to see, change, report or extract information
  • Integration: Easy technological tie up with other stakeholders & solution components

Target audience: This solution is ideal when the major decision elements of a Customer Loyalty Program have been finalised, specifically:

  • The way consumer spending or activity will be converted to points
  • Enrolling and Tier promotion criteria
  • Rewards found attractive by most targeted members and the points needed to redeem these rewards
  • An estimate of the increase in benefits due to the program

Very extensive parameterisation will help you build a precise CLP offering.  Please refer to the Annexure on Parameterisation in the ILCL Overview document which can be downloaded by clicking here.

YourCLP: A CLP in minutes!

Using the ILCL system as a base, we have developed the ready to use YourCLP sub package which provides for the immediate implementation of a CLP solution that should meet most requirements.  Multi country, multi language, multi locale, multi currency, multiple time zones with daylight saving operations are possible.  Set up campaigns fine tuned to the day of week and/or the time of day.  Download transactions & member information – filtered by multiple selection criteria.  Monitor CLP performance using tabular & graphical reports.

Customer References

Colgate Palmolive

It is a great experience to be associated with you. I must say that the point statementing of {the} PDS {Phir Dil Se} loyalty program was handled well. Handling 23,000 customers and generating accurate monthly point statement is not an easy job. You certainly have a robust system in place to handle such jobs. – Saikot Das, Senior Product Manager

Bharat Petroleum

We appreciate the way you have developed and operated the PetroBonus Customer Loyalty Program software since its inception in September 1999. We are happy with the way the software has delivered in handling large data loads of millions of transactions a month of our 2 million members as well as the flexibility with which on-going improvements in marketing requirements & program structure is accommodated. – G. Krishnakumar, Senior Manager, Petrocard

ICICI Bank – Rural Banking

This is to place on record our appreciation of the loyalty program software provided and managed by M/s IdentLogic Systems for the APL program of M/s ICICI Bank (AMRB division), a client of M/s Direxions Marketing Solutions. M/s IdentLogic Systems helped the smooth launch of the programme, providing all the complex functionalities demanded of them. – M.S. Ashok, Chief Operating Officer, Direxions Marketing Solutions